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Started Xalkori
I have finally begun my new drug therapy, Crizotinib,(brand name: Xalkori). The prescription arrived from Pfizer via Fedex and I took my first dose last Friday night. The capsule is taken twice a day and I will have a weekly appointment at the oncology clinic so that my progress can be monitored. At this point there is at least the peace of mind to know that everything that can be done for me is being done, because this is targeted therapy based upon my having tested positive for the ALK gene mutation and there is no guesswork involved with this approach. FYI, there is a lot of information online about ALK Positive NSCLC and Crizotinib. I have missed being in touch with family and friends so much. I'll be posting updates about my treatment here on Rajasn.

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Re: Came through fine!

Yes it is!

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