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The X Files......
Greetings and Happy Halloween from Rajasn and me! I have reached the seven month mark in my Xalkori treatment and I am scheduled for a scan next Monday. I'll probably have news of results within a few days of the test, and then I'll know how well the drug with the funny, sci-fi name has actually worked.

Other news is that I will be having my chemotherapy infusion port removed next Tuesday by the same surgeon who installed it (that's the metal disk that was surgically implanted in my chest in 2010 that was used for my IV chemo drips). Now that I am taking pill-form medication I have no need for it. The port served its purpose well for my many rounds of IV chemo infusions, but I will be glad to part with it.

I am breathing very well now and my doctor says that my lungs sound nice and clear. He's hoping that the scan will show some significant containment of the disease progression that occurred earlier this year.

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Hi Rosemary!

And greetings to Rajasn and the other kitties from Tilly, Charlie and me! Tilly wants you to know that Halloween was her 13th birthday!

I will be thinking about you on Monday when you have your scan. I'm so glad you're feeling well. Sounds like you're doing something right!

Things are fine with me. I'm getting stronger every day and using the cane sparingly.

Love you,


Thanks, Bonnie. The kitties send special Happy Birthday wishes to Tilly!

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